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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ruby Gloom wins...

..... the Pulcinella Award for best cartoon series!

I was honoured to receive the Creative Spark Award in the Fall of 2006, and as part of the award, was privileged to travel to Salerno, Italy for the annual 'Cartoons on the Bay' Animation Festival.
I was representing Nelvana and Ruby Gloom, which was nominated for Best Children's series. How fantastic to be at such an event! There were representatives of the Animation Industry from all over the globe, and to be able to learn and share knowledge with them regarding our amazing field was incredible.
I took part in conferences and discussions with other animators, artists, Directors and Producers, as we compared similarities and differences in our studio and television series. I was thrilled to be able to do a presentation on Ruby Gloom and accept the award on Nelvana's behalf when Ruby Gloom won the award for Best Children's series.
Following the Cartoons on the Bay Festival, I was thrilled to be able to tour more of the Amalfi coast and visit Cathedrals, Art Galleries and beautiful Historical Ruins and Landmarks, learning so much about the art and architecture of the Region.
What an opportunity of a lifetime, and I am so grateful to the Creative Spark Award for allowing me to experience this amazing Festival and Italy's Artistic Treasures.

I want to congratulate the entire Ruby Gloom crew for their incredible talent and hard work!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy to be back!

Hello everyone. I apologize for being away so long...over a year! I have been on an incredible journey this last year. I was given the great fortune of being Animation Director on a series called RUBY GLOOM. This show has kept me incredibly busy but it has been very rewarding. I am working with an incredible team who have put so much passion into their work!. Our Director is Robin Budd whom I've had the pleasure of working with back at Disney on Return to Neverland. My good friend Darin Bristow is the Supervising Technical Director, and our Art Director is the talented Adrian Thatcher. The beautiful character and prop designs are under the supervision of Brad Coombs. The incredibly versatile Mike Smukavic is one of our Story board artists! The list goes on.......a dream team! I hope to continue to post some more great news about our little show as well as some personal stuff I've been up to this last year. See you all soon.